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Muhammedali, posted on : 03-09-2013
i read about it in the newsletter was linookg forward to it.though i have ran out of steam creating iC2W and 5M (and ICL) lol so i dont think i will win anything but will try for surehats (i do have a C2W hat) off to the teamu guys rock!! :-*
Margarita, posted on : 02-09-2013
AIDS has killed more than 25 mlliion people since 1981 when it was first discovered in humans. Last year alone, it killed 2 mlliion. We must spread awareness and fight social stigma attached to AIDS.Check your knowledge about HIV/AIDS This is my first entry for the COTD contest
Gaby, posted on : 02-09-2013
I’ve read some good stuff here. Definitely worth bookmarking for rtiesiivng. I wonder how much effort you put to make such a fantastic informative website.
Marco, posted on : 01-09-2013
Sakshi News Paper and Sakshi News Channel. Sakshi Its Word From Bible Exmples Saksham Cheppu,Sakshi vi. Indirectly its now reached to Tirumala as Bible a Pamplet and slwoly started poluting our Dharma Indirectly Bro Anil Kumar entered as leaf of Sakshi in Tirumala lets protect dharma from this Dramatic people
Prio, posted on : 01-09-2013
lets join hands togather all of hdunis to save Dharma and conversations from YSR Congress as cristianity.Lakhs of People has been converted by Anil Kumar Hindus as cristianity Chala papam chesaru working as under ground mafia. maximum villages are reached 30% Cristianity plz save the state and the nation from this blade Y.S.Family now sharmila started Pada yatra with carrying of Bible atomatically people attrack with there hipnosis words and cristianity will rised to 40% to 50% cristianity in villages. Chudandi Y.S.Vijayamma garu meru kattukunna saree hindu tradition meeru pattukunna bottu hindu Tradition yendukuamma meru hinduvulani mosamchestharu lakshaladimandi hindu vulani cristianity ga marchina meru me alludu Anil kumar chala papam chesthunaru.Plz Note : Y.S.Family has not visiting our temples with heartly (manasulo varu saithan dhaghariki vacham anukuntunaru and saying to jesus on his prayers for visiting hindu Temples)plz stop to visit our temples other wise we have to make suddhi after visit of Adharma People Temples are using as a political Drama and acting.Mokka ga thunchanidhi manu ga thunchalemu.