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Fabiana, posted on : 11-10-2015
(DVD-ROM) Battlefield 1942 may be an older game, but its got amazing gricahps for its time. I like to play games like Star Wars Battlefront(which is the same concept, ust in a Star Wars universe), which are games with ticket counters, command posts, and different kits , including scout, assault, anti-tank, engineer, and medic. You can replay important battles in history, including Iwo Jima, Battle at the Bulge, etc. It does have a campaign mode, which I guess you could call its storyline, but if you want a good storyline, try Halo. My G5 can run it smoothly on medium setting, but it gets jumpy if you put it on high. Some of the battles are a little exclusive to one side(Axis or Allies), like Battle of Midway is almost impossible to beat as the Allies. With the addition of the Road to Rome expansion, you get more maps, more weapons, and more armies.Gameplay: 5 starsMaps: 4 starsGraphics: 5 starsOverall: An awesome game. [url=]ezhugobrui[/url] [link=]gkzorbcgh[/link]
Taynara, posted on : 11-10-2015
love the new do. I cant wait to hear how you explain it.:)) It does look great. You can alyaws blame it on your gf leaving the die in the shower and thinking it was shampoo Good luck. although I am sure you wont need it. [url=]pduzrqyg[/url] [link=]eihxfujhzk[/link]
Monika, posted on : 08-10-2015
Chow-Wei Chee - hi there,My name is Chow-Wei, hope you are doing well.I would like to enquire about priicng and packages availability for overseas wedding. I am planning my wedding / registration next year in Australia , Melbourne. I would like to know a bit more information regarding about it, if it is available.Can you please advise.Many Thanks.Mr Chow-Wei Chee
Escuela, posted on : 08-10-2015
خرداد۰۸سارا salam man daneshjoy kashaensri it vali alaghei nadaram behesh azaval mikhastam honar ghabol sham vali nashod mikham kashaensri arshed honer filname nevisi bekhonam vali nemidonam chi bekhonam ya aslan shodani mishe komakam konin
Gulzhan, posted on : 08-10-2015
Sarah, how great to find out you are working at HMS. I plecad an order recently. I missed the HM mesculin mix and astro arugula and MHV bush bean last year and found out there are no substitutes:)