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Four Women/Naalu Pennungal ( 2007 )

Dir: Adoor gopalakrishnan
(India/Malayalam/105 mins/1.85/35mm/mono,optical/Aug-07)

Naalu Pennungal narrates the life of four women with different backgrounds. In the first story, the young prostitute is able to change profession when a young laborer falls in love with her, only for her to learn the impossiblity to change reputation. The heroine of the third story is a business-savvy young woman whose parents arrange a match with a man whose reputation in business is her equal. But no one expects how his business skills affect their marriage. In the third tale, a loving married couple has come to terms with the loss of their children to early deaths, until the wife’s old boyfriend hears of their misfortunes and proposes a solution. In the final story, a family’s oldest sister must cope with the ramifications when her suitor decides to marry her younger sister instead.