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Casket for hire/Ataul for Rent ( 2007 )

Dir:Neal buboy Tan
(Philipines/Tagalog/94 mins/35mm/2007)

ATAUL depicts the lives of the slum dwellers of “Kalyehong WralangL agusan”, a very narrow,congested, alley/compound in a typical squatter’s area. The story develops through a materialistic man who rents out coffins and his beautician wife. Gossipers, gamblers, drunkards, drug addicts, ex-convicts, prostitutes, snatchers and other notorious characters regularly hang out in the funeral wake/s of the alley either drinking alcohol, in the gaming table, or just gossiping around. These personalities, having been born and growing up in this kind of environment, see themselves as having the right to abuse their own bodies and cause untold miseries to others.The compound became a haven for scums and other no-good doers and has become a threat to the community and its authorities. And then they decide to resort to the extreme measure.