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The Old Garden/Orae-doen jeongwon ( 2006 )

South Korea/Korean/35mm/Colour/112í/2006
Dir: Im Sang-soo

After almost two decades in jail for his role in the Gwangju Massacre, which left several hundred students dead in May 1980, activist Oh Hyun-Woo is released into the 21st century. South Korean society has changed: His mother is now a wealthy realtor, and his ex-comrades are either, idealistic and impotent, or jaded pessimists. At loose ends, Oh revisits the country refuge where he was helped by pretty art teacher Han Yoon-Hee. A series of flashbacks, triggered by her paintings and writings, reveal their romance, his return to Seoul and eventual capture, and Hanís own trajectory from political engagement to artistic commitment. As a high-security prisoner, Oh is denied visits from Han and she dies from cancer ten years into his term without seeing him again. But she has left him a legacy that helps him find his direction again in the new Korea.