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Teeth of Love/Ai Qing de Ya Chi ( 2007 )

Mr. Zhuang Yuxin
(China/Chinese/114 mins/35mm/1.85/Dolby SRD/2007)

The film is basically split into three parts following different stages in the life of a woman called Qian Yehong (actress Yan Bingyan), beginning with her tomboy teenage years in 1970s Beijing, moving into her early twenties, with her working as a doctor in a hospital, and a later period when she returns to Beijing to work in an abattoir.Qian, following the dramatic changes in China from 1977 to 1987, has experienced three men and three romances. Each affair is etched in her body through a physical injury and each time, the pain retains the memory of the relationship. Until one day, she discovers that this is the testament of love.