Parque Via’ Best Feature Film, Mariana Rondon Best Director

The Mexican director Enrique Rivero’s Spanish film ‘Parque Via’ has bagged the Golden Crow Pheasant Award for the best feature film at the 13th International Film Festival of Kerala 2008. The Silver Crow Pheasant Award for the Best Director and Best Debut Director goes to the Mariana Rondon, the director of the Venezuelan film ‘Postcards from Leningrad’ and Turkish filmmaker of ‘My Marlon and Brando’ Huseyin Karabey respectively. Uberto Pasolini’s Sri Lankan film ‘Machan’ has won Audience Award for the best film.

The director of ‘Firaaq’ has won the Special Jury Prize for the debutant director. Argentinian filmmaker Amor Hakkar’s ‘The Yellow House’ has also been picked up by the Jury for the Special Prize.

It is double honours for ‘Postcards from Leningrad’ as it has also been identified for the FIPRESCI award. The FIPRESCI award for the best Malayalam film goes to Anjali Menon’s ‘Manjadikkuru’. ‘My Marlon and Brando’ has been awarded the NETPAC award for the best Asian film and the award for the best Malayalam film in this category goes to ‘Adayalangal’.

The newly instituted Hassankutty Award for the best Indian debut director has gone to Anjali Menon.

The Golden Crow Pheasant Award also carries a Cash prize of Rs.10 lakhs. The winner of the Silver Crow Pheasant Award for the Best Director carries home a Cash prize of Rs.3 lakhs while Rs.2 lakhs is received by the Silver Crow Pheasant Award winner for the Best Debut Director.

The awards for media reporting have been bagged by IndiaVision’s Seegi Kadakkal, Sangeetha Unnithan of The Hindu and Sajeev Pazhoor of Desabhimani, Anil K.Nambiar of All India Radio received special mention from the Jury.

‘Parque Via’ distinguishes itself with its uniqueness of treatment and experimentation. It tells the story of Beto, a caretaker of a large house, whose life has been dragged by repetitiveness and associated monotony. The film ‘Postcards from Leningrad’ portrays the tale of a couple caught by the pressures of life. The trauma undergone by the partners in hiding and their pangs at having to be separated from their daughter is aptly conveyed by Mariana Rondon who was witness to guerilla warfare.

The Jury of the 13th IFFK has watched the 14 films which were selected for the competition section .Choosing the finest among the lot was a tough task indeed for us. The decisions arrived at after deliberations are as follows:

Special Jury Award for the Best Debut Film:
Firaaq Dir: Nandita Das (101min/Hindi/2008)

For the in depth analysis of the Human crisis translating into an honest cinema

Special Jury Award:
The Yellow House Dir:Amor Hakkar (84min/Algeria,France/2008)

Because of the originality of working in a cinematic language that touches the hearts and the minds

Rajatha Chakoram and cash prize of Rs. 2.00 lakhs
Best Debut Film: My Marlon and Brando Dir:Huseyin Karabey (92min/Turkey/2008)

For exhibiting the creativity of dealing with a romantic story in the middle of conflicts in border areas.

Rajatha Chakoram and cash prize of Rs. 3.00 lakhs

Best Director: Mariana Rondon for Postcards from Leningrad

For displaying a sensitivity of putting in the eyes of children a revolutionary movement in an inventive language.

Suvarna Chakoram and cash prize of Rs. 10.00 lakhs (to be shared by the Director and Producer) for the Best Film:
Parque Via Dir:Enrique Rivero (86min/Mexico/2008)

With his first film Enrique Rivero has uses an appropriate cinematographic language , showing how to narrate in a brilliant way the tale of a simple man in his loneliness.

Lucia Murat (Chairperson)
Allain Jalladeau
Jabbar Patel
Samira Makhmalbaf
Sitora Aleiva